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xlsx, Excel (Office 365) warns me that it is corrupt and offers to repair. To avoid corruption 'Matten'.
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  • Please send any clue.
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  • Every time the corruption occurs, Excel is able to repair the corruption, and the workbook opens normally.
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    If the file hasn't been assigned, it will pop up a dialog to select one.

  • Create, FileAccess.
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    Aug 3, 2018 · Go to File, Open, and browse for the assembly file.

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  • Alternative solution can be generating xml string before saving it to a file: Using ms As New MemoryStream xmlDoc.
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    If the app isn't on the list, click Choose another app.

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    Generate the excel file with your code and don't open it with excel, otherwise excel will remove the duplicates and you won't see the problem.

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    The Xml file gets corrupted only if any hard shutdown takes place.